Monday, January 6, 2014

See me on "Run South Florida"

Hello friends!! 

Hope you all had a wonderful New Years! I had a mah-velous time at my sister's house. I spent the day with my family and my two favorite boys- my husband Milo and my sweet baby boy Myles. 

At midnight, we ate 12 red grapes (that's good luck for each month of the year) and we drank a glass of champagne. That's our Cuban tradition. Do you have a tradition too?  

The hubs and I 

My brother-in-law Alex, my sister Angie, me and Milo

Me and the boys

So, I wanted to share this good news with you all...

I have been featured in the January issue of Run South Florida and I am extremely honored to have been chosen. For those of you who may not know, South Florida didn't have an exclusive running magazine until a group of determined people got together and established this brand new magazine.

Run South Florida has done an amazing job of capturing what it's like to be a South Florida athlete. Their stories are centered, not only on, the individuals that have made a difference in the running community, but also on motivating everyone of all ages to run. They offer tips on running races and tips on how to get started with a running workout plan. 

I encourage you to take a look at their website for some great stories on people who have transformed their lives because of running- you will feel inspired!

Which running magazine do you read?

I am grateful to have met such wonderful
people at Run South Florida.
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