Wednesday, February 5, 2014

If they can do it, so can I!

Hello y'all and happy hump day!

I was reading an interesting article about 10 amazing women who excelled in their running careers after giving birth to their children. This captivated me because a) I have a strong desire to become a better and faster runner (and to be honest, I'm looking for some serious motivation!) and b) I now realize how difficult it is to get back into the game. This is not to say that it's impossible, but it's not going to be easy. 

Take runner #1 for example, Fanny Blankers-Koen, she won a series of medals at the 1948 Olympics after having 2 kids at the age of 30. Take runner # 2 Paula Radcliffe (one of my fav marathoners), she won the New York City Marathon in 2007 ten months after giving birth to her daughter. And then there's runner # 3 Svetlana Masterkova, who claimed a world record in the 1000m sprints just a year after giving birth (and she hadn't raced in 3 years prior to that!).

These women have proven that determination can take a person a long way. Despite being pregnant and getting out of shape, they were determined to come back stronger than ever. My friends, they are no more special than you and I. We all have it in us to get in shape and run the best race of our lives. I know it's difficult to get out of a slump (been there and done that), but with just a little bit of motivation and a strong and positive mindset, you too can do it. 

Here are 6 tips to get you back running after pregnancy: 

1. Don't expect immediate results. This one is a bubble-burster, I know! But it's certainly true. Remember, your body went through a serious transformation for 9 months so it needs some time to get back to its old self. Be patient and consistent with your training and you'll be back to yourself in no time. 

2. It's ok to get some help. I know we want to be super moms, but we can't do it alone. It's important to come up with a child care plan, so you can get your run in. If this is not practical for you, then read # 3. 

3. Get a running stroller. This is a great way to get your run in and still be with your child. There are many great running strollers out there, just choose the one that best suits you and your baby. 

4. Stay hydrated and eat healthy. Since you're getting back into shape and perhaps breast feeding, it's important that you drink a lot of water and eat enough calories throughout the day. Many breast feeding mommies lose an additional 500 calories a day from breast feeding. 

5. Follow a training plan. A training plan will help you stay focused and motivated to run. Just remember to start off gradually so that you don't injure yourself. 

6. You need to run. Many women feel a sense of guilt (me included!) because they want to take the time to exercise, but just remember the benefits that running offers. It keeps me completely sane and I told my husband that I NEEDED it to survive! It actually makes me a better mom because my mood totally changes after I go on my runs :) 

I hope these tips will help you get back into running and exercising. If you ever feel discouraged to get back into running, just remember how amazing you will feel about yourself after doing it. 

Yesterday's Dinner: 

Grilled chicken breast and steamed broccoli

Today's Breakfast: 

Scrambled eggs, avocado and a fruit bowl (banana, kiwi and papaya)

Today's Lunch: 

Grilled salmon and grilled asparagus

Workout of the Day:

Circuit Training Routine:
Circuit 1 (2x)
Squat with shoulder press 20
Lunge with bicep curl 10R 10L
Tricep kickbacks on 1 leg 10R 10L
Side squat walk 10R 10L

Cardio Circuit 1
Jump rope 1 min
Side to side leaps 1 min
Star jumps 1 min
Mountain climbers 1 min

Circuit 2 (2x)
Pushups 12
Plank rows 10R 10L
Donkey kicks 15R 15L
Leg lowers on back 15

Circuit 3 (2x)
Front/side shoulder raises 20
Bent over fly 20
Side lunge with torso twist 10R 10L

Cardio Circuit 2
High knees 50 yards
Butt kicks 50 yards
Karaoke 50 yards on R and 50 yards on L
Walking lunges 50 yards

And then,

45 min run

Have you ever been in a running slump and how did you get out of it? 

I am grateful for all the influential
female runners who give me the motivation
I need to continue to run and do my best.

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  1. Go you! I know you can do. You will be back, better and stronger than ever, in no time!! Question- Where are you getting your workouts from? I'm going to have to borrow some! :)

  2. Hello there! Thank you Ashlee!! I've been doing some research on the web. I have found some routines on Pinterest and others on random sites. I usually end up mixing them up together. I'll be posting a new one mañana, so stay tuned. Glad you're enjoying them. Xo

  3. Hi Erika,
    today went browsing your website, I am due in 4 weeks and after running a lot in january, I decided to take it easy in February. I wanted to ask you how much total weight did you put on? I see myself despite all the running I put on More than I should I think I am at 14 kg now but still one month to go. Congrats on your baby and enjoy running again :)

  4. Hello there!! Well, I gained 40 pounds. I really tried to manage my weight, but as you know, it can be difficult because of the cravings. Hang in there! You'll have the baby before you know it and slender in no time!! Good luck =)