Monday, February 17, 2014

Product of the Week: Newton Sneakers

Hello everyone and Happy Monday!

I'm hoping most of you enjoyed a day off from work or school since it's President's Day (US). As for me, Myles and I had some fun under the sun in one of Miami's most beautiful parks. 

I know you have heard me mention it before, but the two most important things I wear as a runner are a) my Garmin Forerunner watch and b) NEWTON Racer Distance Neutral Ladies Running Shoe, Teal, US7.5(click here to see shoe).

I love my Newton sneakers for a few reasons. First, they are very comfortable, second, they are lightweight and third, the sole has 4 lug-like actuators that provides an energy return. In other words, the upper sole is slightly elevated to give your stride more energy, but also to correct your running form. 

The Newton shoe takes about a week of getting used to because, like I said before, it forces you to run correctly. This may cause some soreness in your calf muscles, but do not get discouraged by this because you will actually be thankful later. It's important to run with proper form because you don't want to waste energy by stepping incorrectly when you run. Running in a correct manner will make you a better and a more efficient runner. 

I currently have 4 pairs of Newtons. I wear the NEWTON Racer Distance Neutral Ladies Running Shoe, Teal, US7.5 ("Distance" model) when I train on the road and I wear the Newton Mv3 Womens, Yellow/Pink , 10 M US ("Mv3" model; the white ones) when I race short distances. I like to have multiple pair of sneakers to train with because I don't want my feet to get used to only one pair of shoes.  I've been running with the Newton's for a few years now and I will never trade them for anything else. They are my lucky shoes!!

Yesterday's Dinner:

Grilled salmon and steamed broccoli

Today's Breakfast:

6 egg whites made into scrambled eggs and a cup of coffee (no creamer or sugar)

Today's Lunch:

Oven-baked chicken breast and broccoli

Today's Workout:

6 mile run and 

Circuit Training Routine:

Circuit 1:
Pushups x20
Dumbbell upright rows x20
Dumbbell bench press x20
Renegade rows x20 
Repeat 2x

Circuit 2:
Dumbbell curl to press x20
Overhead tricep extensions x20
One-legged hammer curls x20
Close-grip bench press x20
Repeat 2x

Circuit 3:
Dumbbell dead lift x20
Backwards lunge with lateral raise x20
Repeat 2x

Circuit 4:
Shoulder tap plank (1 min)
Side planks (1 min)
Bicycle crunch 
Toe reach
Repeat 1x

What running shoe do you wear? 

I am grateful to spend time
with my son. 

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