Monday, February 3, 2014

Product of the Week: Resist This!

Hello friends and Happy Next Day After the Super Bowl!!

I'm thinking that most of you had a fantabulous weekend and celebrated Super Bowl Sunday by eating veggies and drinking green juice- NOT! Well, I do hope you all had a fantastic weekend. 

If you read my posts lasts week, you might have noticed that I began running again since I gave birth in December. I'm working extra hard because a) I need to get desperately into shape and b) I would like to start racing A.S.A.P! Besides running everyday, I have started to incorporate some circuit training routines into my workouts. Circuit training helps to develop muscle tone and strength and it also helps with endurance and power. I'm only doing the routines twice a week because I don't want to be too sore to run. See my circuit training routines from last week here and here

Anyway, I realized two things last week: a) It's very expensive to have a gym membership to workout and have a running coach at the same time and b) I can totally workout on my own, but I need some essential tools to do that. 

So here are my solutions: a) Don't get a gym membership and b) Get the proper tools to workout. Most circuit exercises only require your own body weight, but at some point, you need to amp up your training by incorporating some resistance exercises. I began doing some research on resistance training and found that resistance bands are probably the cheapest and most efficient way to go. Check these out: ProSource 48-Inch Premium Latex Resistance Exercise Band Set (Set of Five).

Here are a few reasons why resistance bands are useful and beneficial:

1. They're cheap. You can get a complete workout with these bands and they are very inexpensive. 

2. They're lightweight. This means that you don't need weights because the bands will provide the resistance necessary to get a good workout. 

3. They will give you a full body workout. Although the bands may seem easy to use (and they are), don't be fooled by the challenge that they will provide. You can literally sculpt your body with these bands!

4. Safe to use. The bands first came out as a rehab tool for injured people, which means that anyone can use them. 

Yesterday's Dinner:

Stone crab 

Today's Breakfast:

Eggs over medium (cooked without oil), turkey bacon (cooked in its own fat), avocado and half of an orange

Today's Lunch:

Grilled bison, steamed sweet potato and grilled sweet plantains

Workout of the Day:
45 minute run

Have you ever worked out with resistance bands?

I am grateful for the efficiency
of a barbecue. 

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  1. I use workout band occasionally as part of my cross training on non-running days. My daughters started using them as part of their dry land training when they were swimming ccompetitively. I like the fact that they are extremely portable.

  2. That's great Chris! I can't wait to use them!!