Monday, February 24, 2014

Product of the Week: ZipVit Gels

Hello friends! 

Hope you all had a great weekend. Ladies and gentlemen, I officially had my first long run this weekend since giving birth in December. On Saturday morning I woke up bright and early (5 am) and after doing the usual drill of,

Waking up and getting dressed
Waking up the baby
Changing the baby
Feeding the baby
Burping the baby
Feeding the baby
Burping the baby
Changing baby's diaper
Changing baby's clothes
Putting baby to sleep
Making coffee
Eating a light breakfast
Drinking coffee
Stretching and then

I went for a 12 mile run. To my surprise it actually went really well. The first few miles got me so excited that I sped right through them, but of course, that bit me in the behind later on because it tired me out for the remainder of the miles. All in all however, it went great! 

Before I went on my run, I prepared two very important things: Water and ZipVit gels (Click here to see them ZV7 Energy Gel 60ml (24 per box) - Orange). Ever heard of these gels? These are my one and only racing gels. See below...

I ate these gels during the Boston Marathon last year (lower right corner)

Why I Like ZipVit Gels:

1. They have 51 grams of carbs (that's way more than any other gel out there).

2. They're easily digestible (they have never given me a stomach ache).

3. They have 200 calories (versus 100 calories like most gels). 

It's important to consume a large number of carbs and calories when you run long distance because you lose a lot of glycogen and calories, so it's imperative to restore them back into your body. These gels were formulated by the Cervelo triathlon team. They were initially made for triathletes, but then other endurance athletes began using them because of their high carb and calorie content. They are imported from the UK. I encourage you to try them out. You will love them!! This is where I get mine: ZV7 Energy Gel 60ml (24 per box) - Orange

(Click above to read how it all began!)

Yesterday's Dinner:

Grilled cod, steamed broccoli and a steamed sweet potato

Today's Snack before running:

Sunwarrior protein shake and a banana

Today's Breakfast:

6 egg whites with a Hass avocado

Today's Lunch:

Grilled chicken breast with steamed broccoli (olive oil on top)

I am grateful for spending time
with my best friend Andy on Saturday.

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