Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Unconventional Training for Runners

Happy hump day my friends!

I'm always looking for a better and different way of working out and I recently came across a really cool idea. I'm in the middle of gathering my supplies, but in the meantime, I wanted to share this information with you. 

Have you ever heard of tire pulling? It's that weird exercise that football players do to gain strength in their legs and in their abdomen. 

Well guess what? Runners do this too! According to Marshall Ulrich, this is the best form of sport-specific cross-training that a runner can do. He compares this exercise to a husky pulling a sled. The idea is to train your mid-section and other muscles in your body that running just doesn't target. 

Benefits of tire pulling: 

1. It's low impact. 
2. It makes you walk/run correctly. 
3. It targets other muscles that running does not target. 
4. It works out your abs, upper body and legs. 
5. Running with a tire trains you to run with your mid-section, which is incredibly difficult to do. 
6. It simulates running in hills. 
7. It'll improve your balance, which runners need. 

Items needed:

1. Old tire- 13-15" diameter. 

2. Leather weight belt. Try to get one that is 3-4" wide on the back and with some support/padding. 

3. Nylon cord or rope. The cord should be 1/4 to 3/8" in diameter. You'll need 2 pieces. one about 12" long and another about 8' long. 

4. Stiff bungee cord. It should be hard to expand and 48" long with carabiners on each end. 

5. Screwdriver or drill. You'll need something that is able to get through the weight belt. 

How often should you train with the tire:

- Once a week while you're in training. 

- Or not at all if you feel you have a pulled muscle. 

For instructions on how to assemble the tire drag and how to use it click here

Stay tuned to see me tire pulling!!!!

Happy pulling!!!

Yesterday's Dinner:

Grilled dolphin and steamed broccoli (no butter)

Today's Breakfast:

6 egg whites, a steamed sweet potato, coffee (no creamer or sugar) and 2 pints of H20

Today's Lunch:

4 oz oven-roasted chicken breast with steamed spinach

Workout of the Day:

6 mile run and...

Circuit Training Routine:

Warm up:
50 sit-ups

Circuit 1: Repeat for 15 minutes 

3 pushups
6 burpees
9 jump planks
12 jump squats
sprint 50 yards and then run backwards

Circuit 2: Repeat for 10 minutes

10 bicycles
20 flutter kicks
30 second plank hold
20 supermans

Have you ever performed a tire drag?

I am grateful for flavored coffee.
It makes it easier to drink coffee without sugar. 

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