Friday, February 14, 2014

Update: 2 Months after Pregnancy

Hello friends. Happy Valentine's Day to all! 

So, it's February 14th and it's been 2 months and a day since I gave birth. I cannot believe how fast time has passed. Considering how impatient I am, I feel like these two months have completely flown by. Anyway, in today's post I want to share with you some of the things that have changed in the course of these 2 months. 

Well first, Mr. Myles has gone from looking like this: 
Born 21 inches in height and weighed 8.8 lbs

To looking like this:
Now he's 24.5 inches in height and weighs 13.5 lbs

I went from looking like this:
Me at 9 months and weighing 170 lbs

To looking like this:
Now I'm at 145 lbs

I went from running 20 minutes....

To running 90 minutes:
I did my first long run (90 minutes) on Monday

A lot of things have changed and will continue to change. As I've written my blog posts for the last 2 months, I have expressed moments of happiness, but I've also expressed moments of frustrations. Giving birth transformed my body and it also slowed my running down. I was frustrated at times because I felt as if I was starting to train all over again from scratch. This new journey that I am on has taught me the value of patience and trust. I've learned to trust myself and my body and I have also learned that I must be patient in order to see results. 

With that being said, I am continuing to train with the intentions of first, building my strength and second, building my speed back. I have been cross-training with circuit training routines and I am planning on incorporating other unconventional forms of exercises that I will discuss later. I have also been doing the Paleo diet with the intentions of eating clean and losing weight. I invite you to continue following me on this journey to get back into shape and hopefully racing soon. Stay tuned...

Have you ever experienced a total transformation in your life that caused setbacks in your training?

I am grateful for the faith
that my husband and family 
have towards my training and running.

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