Tuesday, February 25, 2014

You can be an Olympian too!

Hello everyone!

I came across an interesting article in Men's Health  today that compared the similarities between the characteristics of an Olympian to that of a successful person. Time and time again, I have said that successful people have many things in common with athletes. Allow me to make the comparisons between a medal-winning Olympian and a regular person who is a leader and successful in life. 

If you want to be an Olympian, you have to start thinking like one!!

1. Athletes push themselves outside their comfort zone. This allows them to excel because they are not scared of a challenge or of failure. Successful people act in this fashion as well. 

2. Athletes visualize in order to finish the race. When the going gets tough, athletes imagine themselves winning and this allows them to finish the race despite the pain they feel. Successful people are not quitters and they imagine themselves conquering their goals. 

3. Athletes do not quit, they are in it for the long haul. That is why they train extensively and eat nutritiously. Successful people know they will not be successful over night. They make a plan and stick to it. 

4. Athletes mentally prepare themselves for the worst situation, but they always have a back-up plan. They don't let their weaknesses drag them down. Successful people embrace failure and they always have a plan of action. 

5. Athletes can talk themselves out of negative thoughts. They will acknowledge them, but they will replace them with positive thoughts. Successful people don't fall for their own self-fulfilling prophecies. They see an opportunity in every situation no matter how bad it is. 

6. Athletes focus on the now instead of the past or the future. Successful people don't get consumed with what has happened or what may happen. They live in the present and tackle each situation as it comes. 

7. Athletes focus on the progress they make and they trust their training. Successful people are confident in their abilities and they trust their judgment at all times. 

8. Athletes are able to push a little harder even when they think they cannot finish a race or a workout. Successful people do not give up. They always find a way to succeed. 

I really enjoy writing about topics that motivate people because I truly believe that everyone is capable of accomplishing anything they want. All you need is the proper mindset and a little encouragement and you can do anything you want. It won't be easy, but YOU CAN DO IT! 

Have you ever had a setback? How did you get out of a bad situation?

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