Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Put Yourself in My Shoes

Today's Workout:
3.5 mile warm up
12 x 200 meter sprints, followed by a 200 meter jog
3.5 mile cool down

Hello friends! 

I'm so excited to say that I recently bought a new pair of Newton MV3s for my track workouts. I gave them a try today and they are awesome! Besides the cool neon yellow tone of the shoe, they are super light weight and comfortable. They felt like I was wearing a pair of socks. The shoes are also mesh-like, so they have tiny holes all throughout the shoe. I particularly like this because I don't wear socks when I race. I like my feet to breathe, which makes this shoe perfect for my sockless feet.

Like my new shoes?

It was raining while I did my track workout, but due to the fabric of the shoe, my sneakers did not get filled with water nor were they heavy and soggy.

The Newton MV3 is similar to the Newton Distance model in that they both have log-like heels. This helps with running form and gives running a natural feel.

See the logs underneath the shoe?

If you want more information about these shoes click here Newton Mv3 Womens, Yellow/Pink, 6.5 M US  - that's where I bought them. You will fall in love with these shoes!!!

What shoes do you race in?

I am grateful to be stepping
out of my comfort zone.

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