Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Strained ankle or over-trained?

Hello everyone! It's been a few days since I've checked in but I've been quite busy with the little man. Besides being occupied with the daily mommy tasks I have also been nursing a strained ankle. I went on a 14 mile run on Friday afternoon and by the end of the run my left ankle was swollen and aching. I was so upset! It was the same feeling I have had when I have over-trained. Ever heard of over-training?

The first time I heard that concept I thought it was impossible to "over-exercise." Anyhow, I've been putting in about 60 miles a week, so I wasn't sure if my swollen ankle was a result of running too many miles too soon or if it was simply strained from one of my workouts.


Let's first define what over-training is: "Physical condition that occurs when the volume and intensity of an individual's exercise exceeds their recovery capacity."

There's usually some signs to indicate that a person is over-training, such as

1. You fail to complete workouts because you're too tired.
2. You feel restless when you're on down time.
3. It's difficult to sleep.
4. You feel sluggish.
5. Your joints and limbs hurt.
6. You get sick with a cold.

Strained ankle

A strained ankle is characterized by inflamed tendons. There are two tendons that protect the ankle and they are usually strained when there's a sudden trauma or force to it. The tendons may also tear, which causes tendonitis. 

So which one of these two do I have? Well let's see, I haven't stopped working out because I'm tired; I don't feel restless; I sleep just fine; I don't feel sluggish; my joints don't hurt (just the ankle); and I haven't gotten sick. It's very possible that I have a strained ankle. 


As much as I hate to take time off, I took Saturday, Sunday and Monday off. I iced my ankle each day and smothered Tiger Balm on my ankle and calf muscle. I also slept in compression socks. After three days of following this procedure, I ran today and felt much better. 

After years of training I have learned to listen to my body. As much as I didn't want to rest for 3 days, I knew that if I continued to run it would have aggravated my pain. Sometimes we have to succumb to our injuries and learn from our past mistakes. 

Cheers to overcoming adversities! 

Have you ever strained a muscle?

I am grateful for new beginnings. 
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