Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Disgusting Fact About Me

Today's Workout: 12 mile run
3 mile warm up, followed by
6 "steady state" miles (about 20 seconds less than marathon pace),
followed by a 3 mile cool down

Hello friends! Today I want to share an interesting and rather disgusting, for lack of better words, fact about me: I have runner's toes. Ever heard of that? Runner's toes is basically a collection of blood underneath the toenails. It's caused by the downward pressure of the nail plate from the nail bed. Basically, a runner's toe turns red and/or black because of all the pounding their feet suffer from running. It's extremely normal and quite common. 

Although it may look like fungus, it's actually an injured toenail. The injured toenail usually ends up falling off or, like in my case, it gets ingrown. Well, guess what? I had that on 3 toenails! Ugh!!! See for yourself.

There it is. My left big toenail fell off and my podiatrist, Dr. Yanira Salas, cut the other one off because it was ingrown.

My face when Dr. Salas ripped off my nail...

I know I know, too much information, but hey, it's the price of being a runner and quite frankly, I love my feet. They are definitely not the nicest, but they allow me to do what I love most: RUN!

Have you ever experienced runner's toes? You don't have to share pics ;)

I am grateful for my feet.

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