Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tip of the Week: Running Arm Swing

Today's Workout:
3.5 mile warm up, 
12 sets of 200 meter sprints,
3.5 mile cool down

Hello everyone! So, I was at the track today minding my own business when a female runner came up to me. I immediately recognized her as one of my female competitors in the Miami area, so I was intrigued to see what she'd say. In a very polite manner she stated, "you should run with your elbows in." I got a little annoyed by her constructive criticism, but I humbled myself by accepting her statement as a true fact of what I do when I run. She was right- I tend to run with my elbows out. That's definitely bad running form. 

Bad arm swing will not allow you to run as fast and as efficient as you can potentially run and it may even cause some injuries in your body. When you swing your arms, your body twists in subtle ways that may cause strain in your core and/or your legs. 

Stick your elbows out
Some people tend to stick their elbows out when they run. This bad form of running will make you slouch and not breathe efficiently. Try not to look as if you're doing the chicken dance. 

Swing your arms across your body
This usually happens when you start getting tired. It actually takes more effort to do this. 

Keep your hands at waist level. Your arms should be at about a 90 degree angle, with your elbows at your sides. Make sure to rotate your arms at the shoulder, so they're swinging back and forth. Imagine a vertical line splitting your body in half- your hands should not cross it. Keep your head up, back straight and shoulders level. Don't slouch over.

Do you stick out your elbows when you run?

I'm grateful for the running 
tip that the female runner gave 
me at the track today.

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