Tuesday, May 20, 2014

After a FEVER, comes a RUN

Today's Workout:
6 mile run

Hello friends! As you've heard me complain about my wretched fever which was caused by a stomach virus, thankfully I am feeling a lot better today. Anyway, I had a terrible stomach ache on Sunday, but I woke up on Monday morning feeling a lot better. Needless to say, I went for an easy 4 mile run with baby Myles. 

It was quite challenging to run with him for a couple of reasons:

a) I had never used the BOB Ironman stroller before and 

b) It actually takes some work to maneuver the stroller (stay tuned for a review of the stroller!).

Anyway, Myles appeared to love the ride. He completely fell asleep while I ran. 

So, my humble suggestion is that a simple cold or stomach virus should not scare you from running. It is best to take it easy if you feel really ill and have a fever, but when that's gone, I think exercise is a great way to restore your health and immune system. 

Besides running a few miles, I am also taking vitamin D with D3 for immune health and glucosamine for the pain in my joints.

I am also drinking a lot of water and eating as clean as possible. Cheers to running out your cold!

Have you ever ran with a cold?

I am grateful to be feeling better.

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  1. That's the same stroller I used the past couple of years! You'll get used to the steering on it! After a while it was just habit for me and I didn't think about it at all. You just have to put a little pressure down on the handle to pull the weight off the front wheel and it'll turn for you. I got to where I could do it one handed no problem. Even once he was a 3 year old and heavier.

    1. Hi Allyssa. So explain to me again how I can make a turn with that stroller. It's so tough on my hands and biceps! lol