Monday, May 19, 2014

I Finally Did It!

Today's workout:
30 min easy-paced run

Hello everyone! As you all know from last week's post (click here to read it), I ran my first race since giving birth on Saturday morning. The Tour of the Gables 5K turned out to be a great race. The weather was ideal and the crowd was eagerly cheering for all the runners. 

So, I woke up early on Saturday morning and began my racing preparations at around 5:30 am (this is what happens when you have a baby). My coach and I decided this would be a "training" race, so I literally ran to the starting line of the race from my house. That was basically my warm-up. 

After a 2 mile warm-up, I arrived to the start of the line and I stretched out my legs. I also did some running drills to get my muscles warmed up and moving. At exactly 7:30 am the gun was fired and off I went. 

At the starting line with Myles

By 7:49 am, I was crossing the finish line. My finish time was 19:12 minutes and I was the 2nd female overall to cross the finish line. I was very pleased with my performance. 

Receiving my medal

My mother-in-law and Myles greeted me after the race

My friend Ashlee ran the race as well

Myles wearing my medal

I'm very excited with Saturday's outcome. I am very optimistic for my future performances, so wait and see me at future races!!!

How was your weekend?

I am grateful for all 
my improvements in running.

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