Marathons Completed
April 2013- Boston Marathon  (2:59:18)*   
December 2012- Rock N Roll Las Vegas Marathon (3:00)*- 4th Female Overall

February 2012- Snickers Albany Marathon (2:58)*- 3rd Female Overall

November 2011- ING New York City Marathon (2:59)*- 53rd Female Overall

October 2010- Chicago Marathon (3:16)*

January 2008- ING Miami Marathon (3:49)

* Boston Marathon Qualifying Time

Half Marathons

February 2013- Publix A1A Fort Lauderdale Half Marathon (1:21:17)- 1st Female Overall

November 2012- Allstate Series 13.1 Fort Lauderdale Half Marathon (1:23)- 6th Female Overall

January 2012- ING Miami Half Marathon (1:23)- 6th Female Overall

January 2011- ING Miami Half Marathon (1:28)

10Ks & 5Ks
December 2012- Live Ultimate Run South Beach Quarter Marathon (41:17)- 2nd Female Overall
September 2012- Miami Children’s Hospital 5K (18:33)- 1st Female Overall

April 2012- Miami Corporate Run 5K (18:53)- 1st Female Overall

Personal Bests

Marathon- 2:58 (Snickers Albany-February 2012)

Half-Marathon- 1:21:17 (Publix A1A Fort Lauderdale-February 2013)

5K- 18:33 (Miami Children’s Hospital-September 2012)
Upcoming Races

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  1. Will you be doing the Publix 5K on Feb. 16th? I will be there as it is my first ever running marathon, Any suggestions to a first time marathon runner.

  2. Hi Chris! I Won't be running that race. The advice that I can offer you on your first race is to just go out there and have fun. Don't worry too much about your time just finish it!! It could be kind of overwhelming for the first time, so just do your best. And remember to hydrate because it is very warm outside. Good luck!

  3. Erika, You are a monster! I have started running and I can't shut my head up. I feel that after I've stopped that I could have kept going but my head in the middle of the run is always screaming. How do you turn it off?

    You should do the Indy Mini or the Louisville Mini.

    1. Running is almost therapeutic for me. It's the time I take to think and oddly enough relax.. Try it :)

    2. So I've stuck to the program for the half marathon training (For the IndyMini). Loving the feeling that I get when I'm done with each milestone. I did what?! I've also started counting, for whatever reason counting during my run puts my head at ease. Thanks, it is relaxing and stressing all at once.

    3. Millie, you should be very proud of your accomplishments! Take it one day at a time. I've learned that time is very important in running. If you're consistent and patient, you will inevitably see results. So how are you counting? Just curious...

  4. Thanks Erika, I'm not really doing it to win just for fun, eventually I would like to start doing it in time. I have also took some info off of you page as far as juicing, I went to the store and got a bunch of vegetables and fruits to juice.

  5. Hey Erika! Lisa and I are doing the Chicago Marathon 2013. It will be our first one. Not like we are anywhere near as fast as you are, but it's great to know you'll be there. =)

  6. OoOOo very cool! Good luck girlies! Let me know if you guys have any questions. Xo